The Guitar Logo

Our kiddos are enjoying their skills and developing it everyday. They usually play in the church and join in any group activities to improve their skill in playing the guitar. We even checked the guitar center logo since we are preparing to buy something for our gift to our kiddos this Christmas season. We enjoyed seeing them grow in their skills and guitar is indeed their passion.

LET Passers

Hubby is one of the LET passers this year. He took the board exam last September and he successfully passed during the announcement and it was released yesterday. God is good and faithful. He always blessed His children who asked for His help and blessing. God is good indeed and faithful all the time!

I’m blessed to have hubby in life and with the kids. Although many times we disagree and even to the point of fighting to all nonsense fights but God is faithful to mend our broken hearts.

A Special Gift

Our teenager has been doing a lot of practices every week. Hubby and I desired to give him something in this season of giving. We will be buying dean z to help him enjoy what he is doing. We are glad to see him working on the skill he loved to do and develop. We are grateful that God is blessing our kids and that as they grow older they will become a blessing to others as well.

All Saint’s Day: A Filipino Celebration or a Worldwide Festivity?

All Saints’ Day is a festival, a celebration for all the saints especially for the dead. This celebration may vary from place to place, country to country, however, the thought is still the same. Western people did this kind of celebration usually on the 1st day of November and it continued to the next day which is the All Soul’s Day as what Filipinos usually celebrate.

People prepared and offer flowers and light the candles they brought to the cemetery which is the common practice during All Saints’ Day. Other European and Latin American countries such as Mexico, Portugal and Spain did the same celebration. They also bring flowers and light the candles they brought. Other countries have the same tradition like Belgium, Hungary, and Italy, they did the same tradition like what Filipinos do. In other parts of Europe like Austria, Poland, Romania, and Croatia people visit their relatives, family members or even friends and light candles they brought and let it stay until the last light shines. Thailand, as what we have noticed when we’re staying there did not celebrate this kind of occasion. unlike other Asian countries that celebrate All Saints’ Day. Here in the Philippines, people do some repairs or clean the cemetery while visiting their deceased relatives.

All Saints’ Day also celebrated by France people on the 1st day of November. People usually come to church services while praying for the dead. People from all over the country gather and visit the grave of their deceased relatives and clean the area and light the candles. The next day people will continue to celebrate for the All Soul’s Day. Although All Saints’ Day is celebrated in many countries around the globe it is not considered a public holiday in most countries especially the Philippines.

Sem Break. Exciting or Boring?

Last week started the break of the semester for 2016. It was indeed exciting for students but boring to teachers since it was the start of doing a lot of things in school especially the preparation of grades. Sigh!!! It’s not so easy to prepare everything. Sometimes, I feel bored but many times I’m excited to see the performances of the students.

I was not feeling well the past few days that’s why I wasn’t able to finish my grades. Somehow, being sick is not the best way of escaping from work. Rather, the better way to be excused from routine activities.

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