Early on Board

Today is the Board Examination for Teachers (LET). Many were excited early morning just to be prepared in coming to the universities where the examination is held. Hubby is one of those who will take the exam. Early morning we prayed and ask the Lord for blessing. Trusting the Lord is always the best in times like this. The only hope we have is in the Lord who is the Giver of all gifts and Giver of our lives. Thank you God for everything you have done to us. We we’re blessed! And we hope to be a blessing to others as well.


Busy Weekend

Tomorrow will be a full day of work. In school, we have our intramural for graduate studies students together with TCP (Teacher Certificate Program). Everybody seems to be excited in participating in any activity. Hoping that everyone will join and enjoy the day.

There will be a search for Mr and Miss Graduate School students. Hubby is the president in the students’ council. So he has to be there most of the time.

The Best Amp Rack

When I started to make my own music studio, there are accessories that I need to acquire. I bought my own amplifier and a friend helped me to look for the best. It’s the best since it helped me to produce good music. However, when I saw this amp rack I was attracted to buy again because it helps me, easy for me to carry and I can use it anywhere. The best accessory for my practices and singing engagements. Try to look at this picture.

Finally Recovered

Our son had dengue 2 weeks ago. He was diagnosed to have dengue fever since his fever did not lower than 39-40 even though he already took paracetamol. It was the hardest time for us. After 8 days in the hospital, he was discharged although his platelet was still lower than normal which is 150. During that time he had only 86 platelet when we went out of the hospital. The Lord is always good and faithful to His children who call upon Him. Thank you Lord!

Native Instrument

I’m always checking a regular update on different instruments that I love the most. For me, native instruments are always the best. It has a different touch in my heart and I usually share it to my sons if there is a chance for me to tell them. It’s a kind of natural thing for me to connect to my kids. A feeling of contentment as far as music is concerned.

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