Pokemon is now in the City

Pokemon is live in Bacolod would you believe that? I have heard that from my kids and we enjoyed at the same time. We went out together and catch Pokemon. My co-teachers would even try to play because they find it interesting if they caught one.

I also have seen students and young adult alike playing while inside the jeepney one day. They were hooked and waited to catch Pokemon. What a trending game!

Exam in Current Issues and Problems in Education

Exam in Current Issues and Problems in Education
1. Use Cambria 12 font, short-sized bond paper, single space, 1 inch margin on every side.
2. Provide front page with your name, subject and your professor
3. Deadline for the exam will be on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016.
4. Thank you for being cooperative. Blessings to everyone!

Explain comprehensively in 180 words:

1. What are the key issues in Philippine education as far as Quality, Affordability and Budget are concerned?

2. Give the positive and negative effects of the salary and benefits of the teachers in the pubic schools under the leadership of the past Pres.Noynoy Aquino.

3. Based on the curricular issues in Philippine education at present, what are some issues that you observed in your school that affected the following:

a. Senior High School
b. K+12
4. What are some perennial issues in your school that you observed and had affected your work as a teacher? Give some possible solutions to such problems.

5. What can you say about Mother-Tongue? Was it helpful? Support your answer.

Our Desire

It’s been our desire to buy even a second hand car for the family and ministry. And our desire was granted by the Lord. Thank you Lord for the blessings that flow. It’s been a year that we desire for this and the desire is granted. Prayers indeed makes a difference. When we trust the Lord we just need to pray and trust God to do miraculously. God is always good and faithful. Blessed be His Name forevermore!!!

Our Son is on the Go

Our youngest son is on the go and is now active in his church activities. He is playing instruments such as drums and guitar. That is one of his passions since his brother is playing guitar in special occasions and when he likes to sing. We were thinking of buying an acoustic guitar stand for him to place the instrument so easily. We enjoy looking at them involved in any church activities. They are growing and making themselves available for a cause.

The Blessing from Above

We’re excited to buy our own car soon. How we wish we could have it this week. Thank God for the blessings. It will be our first car ever. Thank you Lord for all the blessings flow. Thank you Lord for everything that you have given us. Thank you Lord for keeping us in the palm of Your hands. You are indeed Great and Awesome! We are grateful.

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