My Folding Hand Cart

I need a rolling hand cart this summer. We were planning to visit another country and while traveling I can bring my music anywhere at the same time. It will be an enjoyable experience for us as a family. Somehow, going to another country would be easier and a memorable one. Our kids are excited as well. A time to treasure the moments of togetherness with some friends to be with.

Summer Trip

We will be going to different countries this summer and glad to book a very cheap airfare. Thank God for the opportunity. I’m blessed by my co-teachers who had been with me all throughout the years of being together. Thank God for the blessing of friendship and camaderie.

It will be a time to trust God for everything. I believe that God in His mercy will carry us through and help us to move on and move forward. Thank God for all the good and bad experiences. Sometimes it hurts and painful but the blessing of having a family will be a great opportunity to be a blessing to others as well.

My Desired Studio Monitor

It has been my desire to own pro studio speakers for my music school. I wanted to buy something that will last for years. I had been looking for it and I guess, this is the right time for me to have it. I’m excited since hubby is the one who will buy it for me. It is indeed helpful for me during special occasions or programs in school and in the church activities.

A Birthday Greetings

My baby is now a teenager, how time flies? So fast. Thank God for life of our kids. They are indeed precious to both of us. They are gifts from heaven. You can check on this site for more of AJ. His Unfailing Love />. He used to laugh and we enjoy his company although things happen we never expected. When he turned 13 last year, he started to frown yet I do believe that there are times that they wanted their own way, so I gave him an opportunity.

A Blessed New Year

Everyone is excited to face the year 2017. Thank God for all the blessings flow last year. Even the hurts, heartaches and problems. It helped us to love each other more each day and give our best for each other. Thank God for people who gave us trials and encouraged us to pursue godliness and contentment. Thank you Lord for everything You have showered upon us. We honor and glorify You…

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