Why Me, Lord?

Hurts please flee away from me… This is always my cry to the Lord. Why do I need to suffer like this? Why do I need to be hurt again and again? Why me, Lord? Many people would like to ask about this, Why do they need to suffer? Why do they need to be hurt again and again? Even I myself didn’t know why? People suffer because of what others did. People long to be flee away from hurts but it seems that it is following them everyday of their lives. Do we need to ask, Why me, Lord?

Singing is my Passion

I used to sing in a wedding or other occasions when there is an opportunity for me to share my talents. I enjoy and I love to sing. It’s my passion and it’s been my desire to be a part of any occasion in any program or activities. In one of the weddings 2 months ago, I actually sing in one of the 5-star hotels in the city and I love it.

Meeting Old Friends

I met some friends just late this afternoon. We had some fun reminiscing the past when we were still in college. We call our group “BORDEL”. It’s fun and an enjoyable moment when friends met together in unity. It’s been a long time that we were not able to meet after having our own family. Now our kids are grown ups and we have time to meet together and enjoy the company. Somehow,
some were not able to make it and hoping that next time perhaps they will be joining us and just share the laughter and joy of having friends.