The Students’ Internship

My students’ internship has ended. It was so memorable for the interns before they graduate in the College of Education. At first, some were afraid and anxious of what will happen. We, teachers, just encouraged them since we had gone to that kind of experience. And we all did it. Now, they’re on their way to success. And I’m happy for them seeing them reaching their goals.

Although there are so many requirements needed but they all surpass. Just remember this… Keep your dreams alive and as much as possible find ways to reach them. They are just there, but be sure to be humble when you’re on top and always remember this: Pride goeth before destruction… Trust God and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM, and He shall direct your paths. Love you all!!! You made it!

A Competition

Competitions are everywhere. A lot of young people desired to join in any contests. For my niece, it’s indeed a time to shine. Hope she can make it. Glad to see her grow physically, emotionally, and with the desire to excel in everything she does.

This will be the time to enjoy her life and her witty looks could break the crowd, huh! Din, do your best and God will do the rest.