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Meeting Old Friends

I met some friends just late this afternoon. We had some fun reminiscing the past when we were still in college. We call our group “BORDEL”. It’s fun and an enjoyable moment when friends met together in unity. It’s been a long time that we were not able to meet after having our own family. Now our kids are grown ups and we have time to meet together and enjoy the company. Somehow,
some were not able to make it and hoping that next time perhaps they will be joining us and just share the laughter and joy of having friends.

Em-em’s Best Buddy

Happiness could not be found on having a lot of things, but rather it can be experienced in some simple ways. Our teen age son’s had that kind of experience when he got a wonderful gift last Christmas from one of our family friend. I am referring to Shaider – his bestest buddy, a Japanese Spitz.

The first time they saw each other, I know that there’ll be a strong bond that tied them. Shaider becomes an exceptional member of the family, they usually sleep cuddling together, of which broke the rules of having pet inside the room. So we trained him to have his own place to sleep just outside the kids room in spite that he is whining all night. Right now, he usually wait patiently for the kids room to open then taking it as a signal to barge in, he will jump on Em’s bed and wake him up licking his face or just stay cuddle beside him until Em-em will acknowledge his presence. Then he will get up and go out to wait for him to open the door outside to have his morning exercise.

Shaider is a smart and obedient dog, he even wait up before his meal will be serve. Usually when we have visitors, we usually told Shaider to stay put on one side which he did while eyeing the visitor with suspicions.. so we let him smell them and tell him they are family of which he will relax and just allow the visitor to even caress him. But if someone he does not know will hug Em-em, he will usually growl because he thought that the person was harming his best friend. His loyalty knows no bound, when Em goes to school he will walk with him into the jeepney stop, then turn back when Em’s boarded. He will then, wait for him at the door until he’s back home in the evening. Only then will he be able to be at peace when his buddy is with him.

Prayer for Friends

Thank you Lord for the gift of friends.
I feel your presence through their love, sincerity, concern, encouragement and forgiveness.
Dear God, please pour your blessings and grace upon my friends,
provide for their spiritual and material needs.
And most of all, You may be the center of our friendship
You who alone is the Best of all best friends.