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A Friend’s Baby

I remember the time when I missed caddling a baby. I did it once in a baby of a friend and the baby seems to feel the mother’s touch so she slept. I was still young that time having one kid, our eldest son. I missed doing this since our son was already 7 when I got pregnant for our second baby. It was an enjoyable time for me because taking care of the baby is something that a mother loved to do. It’s an experience I could never forget. Caddling a baby.

The Old Become New


I find my old portrait as old as this, so I decided to look for someone who could fix it. After few years of searching for the right person, I met a student who could do it for me. She did it well and it is her first work of art. I was planning to give her our family portrait. It will be more exciting.

During the first class when I met this student, she introduced herself since she came from a different school and she showed us her work of art and we were amazed of how she made it. From then on, I decided to ask her to make one for me, and when I saw my old picture during graduation, I asked her to do it for me. It’s the final work.

Favorite Place in Bangkok

How do you look at them? Are they enjoying? I believe they are. We had been looking for a chance to swim but we thought we will not enjoy with so many people around, so what we did, we just took pictures of the people swimming and roam around. This is a nice place for family outing. This place is in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Watery Wednesday is always fun to join. We love to travel and we had fun visiting this place.

Our son AJ was still 5 years old. That means it’s already 4 years ago when we visited this place.  Oh how time flies…

It’s the Best!

Scenic Sunday

We were jumping just for fun and we had our young people’s retreat last November 1st. It was fun and memorable to all the youth together with AJ and his older brother who is now a teenager. We have seen how the youth enjoyed and soar to the max. They wanted to go anywhere and enjoy the place of comfort and ease. As if they were living in a different world. A world of fantasy and gladness. A place where people had time to relax and enjoy being with others.

During our stay, we went to different beaches and ate food that was so different from what they ate in the city. They had tried the “lupak nga saging” (boiled and pounded bananas with star margarine and sugar). They tried and wanted to eat again. Although at first, they didn’t want to try but when they tasted it they ate all and nothing left for us. When we started to explore everyone just enjoyed and didn’t want to go back to normal life. As if it was the place for comfort to all of them who joined. We might be visiting that place again just to relax and have fun, I guess. And this is my share for Scenic Sunday.