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The Start of the New Year

The new year starts a new life for the Lord, for others and for family. Thank you Lord for another year to continue working and praising your name. It’s a blessing to behold when God is there to guide us, even if we think He is silent, He is just there listening to our cries. And the start of the year is something that we need to appreciate and praise God for all the blessings flow.

Give everything to Him and bless His Holy Name.

A Blessed New Year

Everyone is excited to face the year 2017. Thank God for all the blessings flow last year. Even the hurts, heartaches and problems. It helped us to love each other more each day and give our best for each other. Thank God for people who gave us trials and encouraged us to pursue godliness and contentment. Thank you Lord for everything You have showered upon us. We honor and glorify You…

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. My Mom visited some Chinese friends around the city while I stay at home. After few hours of visitation my Mom went to SM and met Papa. It’s good since it’s been a while that they we’re not able to have a date. Now, I have time to play wahahaha! But when Mom came she was angry because I stayed in the computer for longer time. Anyway, I will say sorry because it’s my fault.

New Year 2014

Just sharing a thought for everyone this year 2014…

May your home be BLESSED
May your deeds be REWARDED
Your health be at its BEST
And your LIFE be Enriched by God’s Blessings…

Let’s give THANKS to the Lord for all the blessings and let’s welcome the NEW YEAR with much

Blessings to everyone…

Another Year 2014

It’s been for a while that I missed writing my blogs here and there. I decided to keep my blogs moving again. It will be an exciting year for me. I’m excited to see and how the Lord works in His own time and way. I’m excited how He works to different people and situations. Our God is great and He knows what lies ahead, we just need to trust in His love.

This coming new year will be another year to celebrate and keep moving for the Lord. He is an awesome and powerful God. He is worthy and I thanked HIM for who He is and what He can do to my life and family. Thank You Lord for everything.