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A Competition

Competitions are everywhere. A lot of young people desired to join in any contests. For my niece, it’s indeed a time to shine. Hope she can make it. Glad to see her grow physically, emotionally, and with the desire to excel in everything she does.

This will be the time to enjoy her life and her witty looks could break the crowd, huh! Din, do your best and God will do the rest.

It’s Almost Done

The first semester is almost over. Students gave their last hurrah in giving their best in studying hard although some are not doing well. Their exam will determine their grade which cover 20% of their total grades. It is an enjoyable experience to see them performing well. But sad to those who are not giving their time and effort for the benefit of their grade.

Exam in Current Issues and Problems in Education

Exam in Current Issues and Problems in Education
1. Use Cambria 12 font, short-sized bond paper, single space, 1 inch margin on every side.
2. Provide front page with your name, subject and your professor
3. Deadline for the exam will be on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016.
4. Thank you for being cooperative. Blessings to everyone!

Explain comprehensively in 180 words:

1. What are the key issues in Philippine education as far as Quality, Affordability and Budget are concerned?

2. Give the positive and negative effects of the salary and benefits of the teachers in the pubic schools under the leadership of the past Pres.Noynoy Aquino.

3. Based on the curricular issues in Philippine education at present, what are some issues that you observed in your school that affected the following:

a. Senior High School
b. K+12
4. What are some perennial issues in your school that you observed and had affected your work as a teacher? Give some possible solutions to such problems.

5. What can you say about Mother-Tongue? Was it helpful? Support your answer.

A Time to Celebrate




Thank God for birthdays. It’s a time to celebrate, to hang on, to love and to cherish. Our son turned 21 the other day and we invited friends and family members to join us. Although we didn’t have enough food, but still we are thankful that something happened and everybody enjoyed together and dine while watching the result of the national election.

I could still remember 21 years ago when there was a national election when I gave birth to our baby boy. After 21 years, another national election and we celebrated together. God is always good and faithful.

Songs to Share

My schedule was so hectic that I don’t have time to write on my blogs. Somehow, keeping in touch with my blogs is something I look forward to. I rather write than doing something else.

But yesterday I was chosen to sing in a wedding. I sang 3 songs and I was glad that the people who attended the wedding gave a very comment. It’s a good feeling. The newly wed also dances after the ceremony and did it well together with the entourage.