Blood is Life

In this millennial age, people tend to move in the direction of their thoughts. Society demands for labor and we see life as something that is tough. We perceive it hard that we overlook who we are; we fail to recall those people we cherish and appreciate them until it is too late. We even forget that we have something inside of us that keeps us living and should be taken care of. The oxygen transmitter, fluid of life, essential as much as the heart, substantial as much as the brain, and none could stanch its unending flow – our BLOOD.

Blood is an important fluid which is necessary in delivering oxygen all throughout our body. It extracts and transports metabolic wastes such as nitrogen compound, H2O, and carbon dioxide. Blood deficiency is fatal to humans. It may cause you to look pale, blur your vision, and dizziness. You may even get chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and headache. If these irregularities happen, you are experiencing ANEMIA!

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), anemia is a condition that happens when there is a deficiency of Red Blood Cells (RBC) in the body. The blood is in the shade of red due to the abundance of RBC in it. The red pigment cell carries oxygen all around the body as the heart pumps a beat. The lesser the RBC in the blood, the lesser the transporter of oxygen, and this will result to a pale and yellowish skin, fatigue, cold hands and feet, headache, and irregular heartbeat which are the symptoms of anemia.

A New Opportunity

I have found another opportunity to be part of income generating. What will it be? I’m excited. I had been working on it and someone had shared and told me about this. I am also enjoying at the same time since I had been checking and looking for it but nobody told me about it nor even trained me on how to do about it. I’m blessed to meet someone who had the desire to bless others as well.

It’s an opportunity to be a part of this huge company. I do believe it’s God’s way for me to learn this. God is awesome and I’m grateful since He takes care of His children.

Sipaway GetAway

Going to Sipaway island is something that we could never forget. It’s a place of comfort, rest from the maddening crowd and feel the gentle breeze. Oh how I love to go back to this place. We loved and enjoyed this cool island. In going to the place, you need to observe and follow the way. Here are some tips: 1. Take a bus from Bacolod going to San Carlos City. After 2 hours and a half you will reach the place. 2. Go down when you reach San Carlos City, then take a tricycle going to the place where you can take a boat that can bring you to the island. 3. Then talk to the person in charge and get the cheapest fare. 4. There are choices when you want to stay, there are cottages that are cheaper though but not that safe. There is one that can give you the best stay although it’s quite expensive. Try to look at the pictures below. You will love the place.

God is in Control

Sometimes life is crucial. Many times it is tough, a lot of times a painful experience. Whatever it is in your life, God is there waiting for us to call upon Him. He is there to carry us through. He is there waiting to bless us. That is our God, He reigns and He loves us dearly. I had been in a situation that I wanted to give up. I wanted to fight back, I wanted to do something that I will regret but God is faithful to guide and remind me of my frailty and bring me to a realization that I cannot do anything without, that I cannot do anything without His help and blessing. Thank God, He is just there from a distance… He is in control.

Why Me, Lord?

Hurts please flee away from me… This is always my cry to the Lord. Why do I need to suffer like this? Why do I need to be hurt again and again? Why me, Lord? Many people would like to ask about this, Why do they need to suffer? Why do they need to be hurt again and again? Even I myself didn’t know why? People suffer because of what others did. People long to be flee away from hurts but it seems that it is following them everyday of their lives. Do we need to ask, Why me, Lord?

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