The New Found Skill

Our son has a new found skill, I am referring to the youngest brother of our first son. The eldest is already enjoying his skill in playing guitar. However, the youngest is pursuing to be like his older brother. He is also enjoying his gift of playing the instrument. Guitar Center, akai pro is right there when hubby and I checked online. It’s the best store where we can choose something to give to our son this summer.

Another Year Added

I celebrated another year of blessings form the Lord last Sunday. It was full of life although there is hurt that follows but I was able to survive with the help of the Lord. It’s not that easy, the path is having its ups and downs and I have learned many things. One thing for sure, I have learned to live one day at a time. Thank God for the strength, wisdom, guidance and blessings.

My Folding Hand Cart

I need a rolling hand cart this summer. We were planning to visit another country and while traveling I can bring my music anywhere at the same time. It will be an enjoyable experience for us as a family. Somehow, going to another country would be easier and a memorable one. Our kids are excited as well. A time to treasure the moments of togetherness with some friends to be with.

Summer Trip

We will be going to different countries this summer and glad to book a very cheap airfare. Thank God for the opportunity. I’m blessed by my co-teachers who had been with me all throughout the years of being together. Thank God for the blessing of friendship and camaderie.

It will be a time to trust God for everything. I believe that God in His mercy will carry us through and help us to move on and move forward. Thank God for all the good and bad experiences. Sometimes it hurts and painful but the blessing of having a family will be a great opportunity to be a blessing to others as well.

My Desired Studio Monitor

It has been my desire to own pro studio speakers for my music school. I wanted to buy something that will last for years. I had been looking for it and I guess, this is the right time for me to have it. I’m excited since hubby is the one who will buy it for me. It is indeed helpful for me during special occasions or programs in school and in the church activities.

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