Meeting Old Friends

I met some friends just late this afternoon. We had some fun reminiscing the past when we were still in college. We call our group “BORDEL”. It’s fun and an enjoyable moment when friends met together in unity. It’s been a long time that we were not able to meet after having our own family. Now our kids are grown ups and we have time to meet together and enjoy the company. Somehow,
some were not able to make it and hoping that next time perhaps they will be joining us and just share the laughter and joy of having friends.

Thailand Travel

Last week we had our trip to Thailand with my family and co-teachers. It was an amazing trip since we travel from one country to another and one city to another as well. Our friends could not even believe how we did it but we’re blessed and thank God we were able to survive. It was also full of surprises for our kids and a day to reminisce to meet the old friends and the past experiences.

Somehow, Thailand is the best place to eat because of the exotic and spicy food but very delicious. Even our friends could attest how they survive with all those spicy food. They love it. Wen went to four different provinces in Thailand and it’s an amazing race. We did it for just 9 days.

A Friend’s Baby

I remember the time when I missed caddling a baby. I did it once in a baby of a friend and the baby seems to feel the mother’s touch so she slept. I was still young that time having one kid, our eldest son. I missed doing this since our son was already 7 when I got pregnant for our second baby. It was an enjoyable time for me because taking care of the baby is something that a mother loved to do. It’s an experience I could never forget. Caddling a baby.

The New Found Skill

Our son has a new found skill, I am referring to the youngest brother of our first son. The eldest is already enjoying his skill in playing guitar. However, the youngest is pursuing to be like his older brother. He is also enjoying his gift of playing the instrument. Guitar Center, akai pro is right there when hubby and I checked online. It’s the best store where we can choose something to give to our son this summer.

Another Year Added

I celebrated another year of blessings form the Lord last Sunday. It was full of life although there is hurt that follows but I was able to survive with the help of the Lord. It’s not that easy, the path is having its ups and downs and I have learned many things. One thing for sure, I have learned to live one day at a time. Thank God for the strength, wisdom, guidance and blessings.

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