2011 – Blessed Year


Excited to face this year? I do. Every year is a blessing from the Lord. Every hour and minute with good health is indeed a blessing. God has blessed us with so many blessings and we can’t help but thank Him for all the things He has done and the things He gave to us freely especially the gift of His love.

Hope and pray that this new year be filled of His love and compassion and may you experience His goodness, love and faithfulness.

Sharing and Blessing Others

Last December we have had a very hectic schedule, we had many practices for our Christmas Cantata, and a new year celebration, we even had practices for our “caroling for a cause”. It’s the most awaited time for us as carolers, since we missed a couple of years doing this kind of thing.

We sang carols to friends and family members of our church – we even had visited friends and students we missed for more than a decade already. It’s somewhat a kind of reunion to all of us. It’s indeed a celebration.

We also sang songs for our beloved Pastors and workers in the remote places, we had all fun and fellowship seeing each other with their children. What a communion of believers in Christ. We had also a chance to bless them and gave them some groceries shared by many in the church and some schools whom parents believe in their work done for the Lord.

It’s indeed a celebration we could never forget, we all had fun meeting together, blessing people an we enjoy giving of gifts.

The Music

Music is one of my passions and had been a part of my life. I’m a music lover. When I was small I discovered that I love music. Since then I have learned to love it. I discovered different skills in singing and was used for God’s glory. I was able to train others also especially my high school students before and some university students in Thailand. I love training students and develop their potentials in singing and choir directing.

I had a chance to train choir members either the children, young people or adult choirs. I enjoy doing it and learned to be patient in many aspects. God has been so good that He allowed me to be a part of my students’ lives and be a blessing to many.

I enjoy singing, playing the piano, strumming guitar and directing or training a choir. If given a chance, I would rather choose to teach music than English although I’m a teacher majoring in English, music is a part of me and I enjoy every bit of it.

I had been joining a choir when I was in college and some of my friends became close to me with some other schoolmates. We used to sing before, and that made us scholar, which means we applied for a scholarship program and we passed the audition. That was the start of our journey in the field of music.

Then we became good friends with other classmates and schoolmates we had inside the school campus. We were trained and joined a National Contest at CCP Manila as a choir participant. And we won, second place all over the Phil. That was in 1990. Wow, many years ago, right? That was an amazing experience we have had. That’s why my friend and I and some other friends together with us had a good memory and we shared our past happy moments whenever we had a chance to meet. But sad to say, he’s still available and single. He had a lot of talents and skills but still didn’t want to settle. Hope he could find the right person for him.

Mother’s Day Out

When I went back to the Phil. last March of this year, some of my blogger and close friends like Lalaine at Trying to Be Fit, Gene at Her and History, and Nona at Embracing Motherhood invited me to have a day out. I shared last time that we also had Ladies’ day out with another friends. This time, another circle of friends aside from Lalaine who had been with us last time. So 4 of us were so excited to go leaving our kiddos behind with their loving fathers. What a treat for us!

First, we went to an eat- all – you – can buffet in one of the known 5-star hotels. We came early with my friend Lalaine, then chatted for a while, then Gene came after a couple of minutes. We were sharing for half an hour while waiting for Nona who was still traveling from a distance, quite far from our place. She could hardly leave her baby since she’s only few months but because we want to be refreshed from our home assignments as Moms, we agreed to go together.

Then, Nona came and we waited for a couple of minutes before we started getting some of the menu that we seldom eat. We choose different kinds of food and I saw Leche Flan, which I crave for quite sometime. At 11 am, only few came, but after few minutes, a flock of students came and took all the leche flan that was served few minutes ago, sigh…. Anyway, we decided to make for our own consumption soon, lol! And we’re surprised when we’re about to pay, because we thought that we will pay 250baht, but the cashier told us that it’s only 169baht, we all laugh because we still have something added for the next adventure, the beauty secret…lol! It was an exciting day out for us mothers… Hope we can have it again next time.

Words to Live By

I missed writing here and I guess I need to write this time. I would like to share what my hubby shared last time when he spoke in our church service. It’s all about “tough times never lasts”….

God allows tough situation in our lives in order to refine us and bring closer to Him. We should approach these times with the right attitude and seek wisdom from God.

Tough Times

They are normal
everyone pass through it
except those who are not living.

They are temporal
there’s always a solution
if we can’t find any of the solution under the sun
perhaps we must look to the Son.

They are educational.
true character of a person is not seen in a momentary heroic
but in the tough humdrum of day-to-day living.

Words to Ponder

1. Tough situations will make you or break you.
– reveals the nature of the heart.
– how do I respond?

2. Tough situations will make you drift aimlessly or anchor deeply.
– unless you anchor deep, you could go down
– attach your soul to the Rock and no wave is big enough to wash you under.

3. Tough situations makes you surrender or to persevere.
– great oaks does not grow overnight.
– 1 Cor. 9: 26 straight to the goal..

– never give up!
– never back down!
– never lose faith!

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